• Vocal Jog

    Running Singers Worldwide


    The VocalJog brings together singers who despite constant singing, talking and partying don't want to do without the occasional, relaxed workout. Fresh air and great fun brought to you by Vocal Blog.


    Vocal Jogs have taken place in the following places (years): Aarhus (2011), Baltimore (2012), Chicago (2012), Dominica (2013), Durham (2012, 2013), Freiburg (2011, 2012), Graz (2011), Hamburg (2007), Leipzig (2012), London (2012, 2013, 2014), Mainz (2009, 2012), Raleigh (2011), Sao Paolo (2012), Stockholm (2012, 2014)


    You think this is crazy? Yes and no: It’s crazy to sleep little and run, but it’s great to be part of a cult and do something for your health. So, come on, do your Vocal Jog and let us know about it!