• Vocal Blog

    Web 2.0 Network & Live Market Place


    Vocal Blog is about sharing the vocal music and a cappella experience. Founded by Florian Städtler in 2009, the blog and its social media channels have become one of the major resources for a cappella fans, singers, arrangers, producers, agents and promoters.


    The blog boasts an impressive number of a cappella VIPs as authors and contributors who provide inside information and best-practice advice by interviews, videos and links.

    Both Facebook group and fan page today mostly consist of user generated content and Vocal Blog’s Twitter channel is a great way to stay up to speed in the a cappella world.



    The success of the platform is based on the long-term combination of valuable online content and “Vocal Blog on tour”, i.e. Florian Städtlers regular trips to international a cappella events. This strategy has taken Florian to festivals and meetings in Europe, the US and Asia, developing a strong network of friends and business partners.